Jaune is a street artist and was born in Brussels in 1986, his “Waste Disposal Experts” are unique and immediately recognisable, they are not only amusing but they have a certain amount of heroism about them and are intended to be “Thought Provoking” to make you think again and notice the invisible people that work tirelessly to keep our cities clean.

Jaune was one of these “Invisible People”.

As a “Trashman” by day and “Artist” by night, Jaune saw that whilst he may have been wearing fluorescent trousers and jacket, no-one noticed him, even though he was working next many men and women as they walked by!

He was therefore invisible to the people around him, as they moved through their day to day life; almost as if they had a special filter over their eyes.

Jaune has worked on his idea of the “Trash Collectors” and you can see some of his work on the streets, some very small, some big.

However, his art is always distinctive regardless of SIZE..

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