Various Artist

Size | 75cms x 50cms
Medium | Spray paint on Metal

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About The Artist, Rock Black Block

CAT Studied graphic design at the Escola Elisava, Barcelona, ​​and a module of higher level of illustration at the Serra i Abella de l’Hospitalet art and design school.

In the late ’90s he began his career focusing on illustration and tattooing. As an illustrator, he has carried out publishing projects, advertising in the world of music and other fields. At this time, he began to paint graffiti, this being a turning point in his career. As an active member of several social movements, he soon becomes graffiti as a tool for claiming, a means of collective expression in public space. From the moment it begins to work with the technique of the stencil urban art becomes the preferred and main place of its activity. It is in this discipline where it concentrates all its graphic background and experience. In the stencil finds the necessary fluids to articulate their own style, both formal and conceptual. He solves the unconscious search of his own language, begins to do it, articulates concepts and builds discourse. His work remains closely linked to social movements and new ways of understanding the city and the public space, extending but his scope of action to new proposals and commissions such as various initiatives and projects to recover the historical memory, training activities, etc. In addition to the inherent responsibility to work in the public space and its consequent communicative and cohesive will of the environment, his recent work is also an introspective and esthetic process.