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Mixed Media & Resin on Canvas


24 x 18 Inch

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About The Artist, AJ Lavilla

AJ Lavilla was born in IloIlo City in the Philippines and this is where he was first introduced to airbrush and charcoal art at the age of eleven. Two years later he moved with his family to New York. AJ is a self taught visual artist who learnt his trade through observing and studying the works of his favourite artists which include Picasso, Basquiat, Warhol, Brainwash, KAWS and Murakami. After his job in the medical field he started to focus on his art. He was evicted from his apartment, and AJ describes this as being one of the major obstacles of his life and career, but it was this turning point that elevated his spirit and works to a new level. AJ’s art works are identified through his use of vivid colour that encompass a nostalgic feel through the incorporation of vintage cartoon characters from comic books, luxury brands and pop culture. These subjects are ever-present through his artworks. It is a mix of organized chaos, containing elegance in bold colour. ‘I hope to inspire people to pursue their dream, not to be scared to fail, willing to learn and be passionate about what they do. This is my message for people to take from my art’ – AJ Lavilla.